"Sheltie-Aussie" Doodles

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"Sheltie-Aussie" Doodles Page last updated on 7-2-15

Can't Decide if you want an Aussiedoodle, Or a Sheltidoodle? With both breeds being so great, & only being slighty different  from eachother? Well we have solved your problem! We have combined the great Aussie and Sheltie breed together & that has made us our wonderful "Sage" Shel-aussie female & we are breeding her to Skips son "Peanut" miniature poodle. These puppies will still be low to no shedding and have the best of both worlds! Reserve yours now! 
"The Sheltiedoodle"
Sheltiedoodles are highly intelligent, very loyal & easy going dogs, that are low to none shedding.
 They make great family pets, as they love to play but are not hyper.
Sheltiedoodles are sweet little "cuddle bugs"
 They are low to low/medium energy.

These puppies  will range in size from 10 to 25 pounds with the average puppies being 15 to 20 pounds.

              "The Aussiedoodle"
Aussiedoodles are low to no shedding, very smart, and easy to train. They are a great family dog, and tend to be more active. They love the water and to play fetch. But they're also lazy in the house and are "couch potatoes" they  are very sweet and tend to be like "teddy bears"




Sheltie-Aussie Doodles

Merle Girls are $775  

Tri-Girls.are $650                                                                                 

Bi-Black Girls are $550

 Merle Boys are $750

Tri color Boys are $600

Bi-Black Boys are $500


NOTE: Blue Eyed tri's add $100 

Deposits are Non refundable, but ARE transferable.

Thank you.

Shipping is $350

  Deposits Are $200 ( Comes off of the whole price )


Silver Merle Male #1 $750 SOLD!!!!!