New Arrivals.

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New arrivals. This page last updated on 12-5-11

Ruby & Sage had their puppies on Thanksgiving! What a beautiful surprise!

See updated pictures on our She-aussie and Mini aussiedoodle pages.

"A2" Tri Aussiedoodle female next smallest in litter should be about 20lbs

"A3" SOLD!

"A3" blue merle aussiedoodle female SOLD!!

"A4" blue merle aussiedoodle male

"A5" blue merle Aussiedoodle male largest in litter should mature around 30 to 35 lbs

"A6" blue merle aussiedoodle male

"A7" tri color aussiedoodle male

"S1" Shel-Aussie female bi-black SOLD!!!

"S2" blue merle shel-aussie male

"S3" blue merle shel-aussie male

"S4" blue merle shel-aussie male

"S5" blue merle shel-aussie male

"A8" black Aussiedoodle male

"Mini Aussiedoodle prices"

Merle Girls are $775 ( Blue, Red, etc. ) 

Tri colored Girls are $650

 Black Girls are $550

 Merle Boys are $750 ( Blue, Red, ect. )

Tri colored Boys are $600

Black Boys are $500

Shel-Aussie prices

Merle Girls are $500

Tri color Girls are $450

Black Girls are $400

 Merle Boys are $475

Tri Color Boys are $400

Bi-Black Boys are $350

Please note, Any non Merle puppies with Blue eyes add $100 to the price. ( Blue eyed tri's, blue eyed bi-blacks, ect.

Shipping is $325

  Deposits Are $200 ( Comes off of the whole price )

If you would like one of my puppies, but would like some additional training,

I offer to hold him or her for you and start basic training, coming, sitting, walking on a leash, crate training, and potty training.

 please contact me for more information.

Training is $100 a week.