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Shel-Aussie's are a cross between an Australian Shepherd & a Shetland Sheep dog,Page last updated on 7-26-15



 It is NOT permited to copy and use part or all of ANY of the info, text,pictures, etc. on my websites.

We are planning a litter Between Juniper our Sheltie Girl and my sisters Mini Aussie. We should have puppies around December

Shel-Aussie's are very intelligent, loyal, and hard working dogs. They can be a working dog, or simply your best friend. They come in all colors and sizes. They love to fetch and play in the water, Great at herding whether you have Goats, Sheep, or Cattle. They are true friends and guardians. A "Shadow" at your side whenever you need them.

 Very easy to train and willing to learn. A very versatile dog.

They are the true meaning to "Mans Best Friend" 


If you would like one of my puppies, but would like some additional training,

I offer to hold him or her for you and start basic training, coming, sitting, walking on a leash, crate training, and potty training.

 I offer weekly and monthly rates, please contact me for more information.


Past Puppies




Past puppy :o)








"Puppy Pricing"


$500 on average 

 puppies priced accordingly

"Deposit list"

1ST Choice, Available

2ND Choice, Available

3RD Choice, Available

4TH Choice, Available


                       Deposits are $200 and come off of the whole price.

Deposits are Non refundable, but ARE transferable. Shipping is $400

Thank you.