LSC Ranch

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Welcome to the Coates Ranch, Where we raise quality pets. Website last updated on 10/27/11


Here at LCS Ranch we raise quality pets. Here you will find we are a small family hobby farm.

doing what we love, and raising the animals we love.

Here at LSC Ranch we strive to make not only loving, but quality pets that will Bless your life as much as they have Blessed ours with their love and loyalty.

  We raise Mini Aussiedoodles,  Sheltidoodles, Shel-Aussie's, & Miniature Boxers.

All of our animals are our pets, We love them all and they are all raised with the family..  All puppies are born in the house. We are a small hobby farm with only a few dogs so we don't have too many dogs without enough time to spend with them. With only a few dogs they get plenty of attention & love. We also have Love Birds, Horses, and 2 Cats.

 It is NOT permited to copy and use part or all of ANY of the info, text,pictures, etc. on my websites.

The first Blossom of the year.